Changing Seasons – {Lent}


The calendar decrees 1 March is the first day of Autumn. It’s a definitive, set time. The appearance of Autumn however has been much more gradual and subtle signs evident before the official start of Autumn.. Leaves on trees slowly starting to change colour and fall. Acorns falling from the tree and losing their lush vibrant green colour. Temperatures cooling.

An increase in age is officially celebrated on the date of birth but the signs of aging much more gradual and discreet. When did my 4 year old start looking like a school boy and lose the preschool chubbiness? And those grey hairs on me just keep on sneaking in!

Our faith too can have milestones – definitive days of celebration – day of baptism, confirmation or other notable occasions – the day healing received perhaps. But most of the time our faith is marked in the daily, less momentous exchanges of our spirit with God. Prayers, time spent in the Bible, times in worship. The key question is are we growing in faith, in intimacy with God? Is there evidence of a strengthening in our faith, a growth in our knowledge and relationship with God?

May this time of Lent be used to journey forward, to journey deeper with God.


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