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See the teacher


My 5 year old son told me the other day that his teacher wanted to see me. Funny how that statement can invoke negative thoughts. Not sure why, as I was a very good kid at school so I have no bad memories, but I guess “see the teacher” means that somethings up! Anyway with trepidation I popped in to see his teacher (who I might add is lovely!). Turned out to be just an update on he was going.

I wonder though, how often we can be tempted to approach God in the same manner. With trepidation and perhaps a little fear? Maybe when we’re aware that we’ve failed in some aspect of our lives, or sinned, or fallen away.

We need to remember that God is like the Father of the prodigal son. He watches and waits in anticipation and love for us. In whatever state we’re in, He wants to see us. He watches and He waits. And more than that, the moment He sees us, He runs towards us. We make a small move towards Him and He makes a huge one towards us.

You see, God is more than a teacher, He is our Father. And a Father that loves us, forever, eternally, without change.

My son’s teacher greeted me with a smile and a lovely chat. My Father in Heaven greets me with an open embrace.

John 15:9 “As the Father loved me I also have loved you; abide in my love.” (John 15:9)


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