Undone – {Advent}

I've been feeling rather undone by Christmas this year. As I listen to carols playing I have found tears easily springing to my eyes. The familiar words so joyous, so glad have been wrecking havoc on my spirit. You see this year I got a little broken, my heart's a little more fragile, a little more vulnerable. Grief has visited. Worry… Continue reading Undone – {Advent}

Life Lessons

Stepping Out

I'm not particularly gifted in hospitality. Actually the word "particularly" is probably superfluous to that statement! I once famously kept a friend of my flatmate's on our doorstep for over an hour before it dawned on my that maybe I should invite the poor guy in. And maybe when I did I should have offered him… Continue reading Stepping Out

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Making a Difference

"Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone's face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment? Did I forgive? Did I love? These are the real questions." (Henri Nouwen) I was having one of those "meh" days. Heading out late one evening to… Continue reading Making a Difference


Peace. Love. Joy. Hope – {Advent}

Peace. Love. Joy. Hope. The themes of Advent. This is the promise of Christmas. Through Jesus we have access to a peace that passes understanding, a hope that is secure, joy that is rooted in God and the unconditional love of the Father. All beautifully interlinked. This is why Christmas is something to celebrate. The enemy seeks… Continue reading Peace. Love. Joy. Hope – {Advent}

Life Lessons

The Timely Text

It wasn't the grandest of gestures from a friend. It didn't involve flowers or an extravagant gift. It wasn't a voucher for a spa treatment. But it was the most extraordinarily timed and perfect gift possible - that of a simple text message. Friday wasn't going well, a health scare had me slipping away from the… Continue reading The Timely Text


The 365 day marriage proposal

    I heard recently of a man who proposed everyday for a year to his girlfriend without her knowing. This man from the United States made a video for his girlfriend that showed each of the 365 days he asked for her hand in marriage. On her birthday a year prior he realised how much he loved… Continue reading The 365 day marriage proposal


The True Valentine

For many Valentine's Day is the opportunity to demonstrate their love for their significant other or those that they love in life - children, parents, teachers, friends. Love is demonstrated with flowers and cards, chocolates, jewellery even to name just a few of the myriad of options available to us. But before it became an international… Continue reading The True Valentine

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A gathering. Laughter. Life. Love. Fluffy and light scones, jam and cream, tea - yes Devonshire tea. Daughters and Granddaughters together to remember a Mother, a grandmother. Much loved. Much missed. She would have loved it. Not just for the tea in the fine bone china cups but for the connection, the conversation, the sense… Continue reading Remember.