Undone – {Advent}


I’ve been feeling rather undone by Christmas this year. As I listen to carols playing I have found tears easily springing to my eyes. The familiar words so joyous, so glad have been wrecking havoc on my spirit. You see this year I got a little broken, my heart’s a little more fragile, a little more vulnerable. Grief has visited. Worry and fear have oft crouched at my door.

But my tears aren’t in sadness. They are a response to a deeper awareness of my need for Emmanuel – God with us. That I need the Prince of Peace in my every day living, all my days. The carols remind me, remind us of the hope, the joy, peace and love that is found in Christ. And as the carols sing of the promise of Jesus, I know that we live in the reality of that promise. That God is with us. That Jesus has come.

This year may have held its hard days, but they were not dark. For the promised Light of the World shone His light into my darkness. Brought joy when mine was gone. Jesus has displaced fear with His love, despair with His hope and left peace where there should have been none.

So while I may continue being a little teary this Christmas it is only because my heart is joining with the angels declaring “Glory to God in the highest!”







8 thoughts on “Undone – {Advent}

  1. Inspiring words, and so relatable. – A lovely reminder that yes, God is with us no matter what we go through. ❤️

  2. Oh Pips – this is a such an inspirational blog – very clearly the Holy Spirit is is speaking to us through you. I have to say I’m undone by this blog! Mx

  3. Philippa your blogs inspire, encourage & challenge me, I can’t wait to see if there’a a new one each day. But this one has so touched me that I have to respond. Our God is triumphing yet again in your life & so in ours.. Bless you as you keep blessing us, Barbara

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