The Big Happy – {Advent}

"Just then, an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. For behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people: Today in the City of… Continue reading The Big Happy – {Advent}


Undone – {Advent}

I've been feeling rather undone by Christmas this year. As I listen to carols playing I have found tears easily springing to my eyes. The familiar words so joyous, so glad have been wrecking havoc on my spirit. You see this year I got a little broken, my heart's a little more fragile, a little more vulnerable. Grief has visited. Worry… Continue reading Undone – {Advent}


I choose…joy – {Advent}

Attending a wedding recently, I loved the vows written by the Bride and Groom. "I choose you above all others, I choose to love you, I choose to grow old with you..." Beautifully vows expressing their choice, their decision to marry each other. Everyday we make thousands of choices. Some small and rather insignificant - what shoes to… Continue reading I choose…joy – {Advent}


Peace. Love. Joy. Hope – {Advent}

Peace. Love. Joy. Hope. The themes of Advent. This is the promise of Christmas. Through Jesus we have access to a peace that passes understanding, a hope that is secure, joy that is rooted in God and the unconditional love of the Father. All beautifully interlinked. This is why Christmas is something to celebrate. The enemy seeks… Continue reading Peace. Love. Joy. Hope – {Advent}


Exceedingly Great Joy – {Advent}

Every morning since the 1st December, three, often bleary eyed, very excited boys have made their way downstairs to open their Advent Calendar. And yes somewhat motivated by the chocolate treat hidden behind. A picture of expectant joy of the boys beneath the Christmas tree opening the day's Advent window. Yet this is just a shadow, a fleeting… Continue reading Exceedingly Great Joy – {Advent}

Life Lessons


I have heard it said that there is no angry way to say bubbles. Come to think of it you could say the same of cupcakes. Both light, pretty little joys of life. Anyway, why one would be angry and trying to say bubbles or cupcakes I cannot say. Many years ago I was a volunteer at Radio Lollipops at… Continue reading Bubbles