Holding on to Joy – {Advent}

It's been a sobering day. A Hostage situation unfolds across the sea in Australia, close to home. Many around mourn the loss of a family member from illness or age. Our normal daily lives seem more tenuous, fragile even. Yet the mailbox continues to deliver its flood of catalogues with Christmas bargains, carols still play and… Continue reading Holding on to Joy – {Advent}

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I’ve got the joy!

This image, for me, immediately brought to mind the song "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart". It was a song I used to sing at Sunday School. In Church Halls we gathered around a teacher playing the keyboard or a guitar, and sang the words written on large pieces of cardboard. No… Continue reading I’ve got the joy!

Life Lessons

Toot if you’re happy

Enroute to work there's a dedicated man, rain or shine, always holding a placard promoting or protesting on something political. And always asking you to toot in support. On Friday though, he was joined by another person with a simple placard - "toot if you're happy". As I approached the man in my car, I tooted! I… Continue reading Toot if you’re happy

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Bandits and Blinkers

  Theodore Roosevelt once aptly said "Comparison is the thief of Joy."  And I'd have to say he's right. Comparing ourselves or our circumstances to others never pays off. Comparison is a joy stealer and it has some pretty good accomplices too....Comparison loves the company of distraction, doubt and discouragement. It's pretty tight with envy and… Continue reading Bandits and Blinkers