Peace. Love. Joy. Hope – {Advent}


Peace. Love. Joy. Hope. The themes of Advent. This is the promise of Christmas. Through Jesus we have access to a peace that passes understanding, a hope that is secure, joy that is rooted in God and the unconditional love of the Father. All beautifully interlinked. This is why Christmas is something to celebrate.

The enemy seeks to rob us of our joy and peace, hope then becomes vulnerable and fledgling. During this time of Advent we have the opportunity to put joy, hope, love and peace front and centre in our lives. To remember that whatever we are going through the Christmas Promise is that God loved us so much that He sent His son to our world. With Him came His abiding presence, His rest, His redemption, His love. With the birth of Jesus came new hope, peace, joy and love.

This Christmas may the peace, the love, the joy and the hope of Jesus be with you.


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