Exceedingly Great Joy – {Advent}


Every morning since the 1st December, three, often bleary eyed, very excited boys have made their way downstairs to open their Advent Calendar. And yes somewhat motivated by the chocolate treat hidden behind. A picture of expectant joy of the boys beneath the Christmas tree opening the day’s Advent window. Yet this is just a shadow, a fleeting glimpse of the joy yet to come on Christmas Day when the countdown of Christmas is finished and the joy of the day is realised and for the boys there are presents under the tree!

It is one of the precious parts of Advent, as we journey towards Christmas we can look forward with joy that the day holds. For beyond the presents, is the opportunity to celebrate the greatest gift of all – Jesus, Son of God. The wise men too journeyed towards the first Christmas. And when they found the star and found Jesus, they rejoiced with great joy. After a long journey, their encounter with the King of Kings was all they were waiting for. For with the birth of Jesus came hope, came peace and came God’s promise of redemption.

“When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.” (Matthew 2:10)

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