Life Lessons

Look at me!

Being the summer holidays we've been having a lot fun and amongst other summer activities we have explored a lot of different playgrounds. No matter the playground though, it is only a matter of time before my 3 year old is calling out to me to "Mummy, look at me! Look at me!" His enjoyment at the playground definitely… Continue reading Look at me!


Love came down – {Advent}

At Christmas we celebrate that God came to earth as a baby. And while the world was sleeping, so few - some Shepherds and Wisemen realised that the birth of a baby in Bethlehem had all of Heaven rejoicing. For the plan, the rescue of mankind had begun. God used the Heavens - a star and the… Continue reading Love came down – {Advent}

Life Lessons

The Hand of God

It was I thought just a simple act of kindness and generosity on my behalf, for a friend's 4 year old daughter. Nothing significant. But as it turns out it there was more to it. God had purposed me and Heaven breathed on us. You see many years ago I had bought a beautiful Madeline rag doll. Having loved the Madeline books, I… Continue reading The Hand of God

Life Lessons

In Darkness

Yes, it's another power cut inspired post! And I promise it is my last, especially now that the issue has been sorted. But on the second night of power cuts, when power had been resumed and then cut again, there was a randomness to the houses left in darkness. Driving the streets, there were pockets of houses… Continue reading In Darkness

Life Lessons

The Favourite One

  If I may be bold, I will say, I was my late Grandmother's favourite grandchild.......along with each of her other 16 grandchildren that is. She was amazing that way - she had the ability to demonstrate her love and care for you in such a way, that left you feeling you must be her favourite. From her joy at… Continue reading The Favourite One

Life Lessons

Sometimes it’s the little things

Love is more often demonstrated in the small daily acts than in grand extravagance. Listening to my 6 year old's chatter about crafts, I bought him some pipe cleaners from the $2 shop. His joy as he ran up the stairs to begin the many creations that would then be made was clearly visible. Love is shown when I warm the kids'… Continue reading Sometimes it’s the little things

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Some say love….

Bette Midler's song "The Rose" came on the radio today. A song I well know. Back in the day, It was a popular choice as a wedding song when I was in our School Choir that often sang at weddings. It starts off somewhat sadly and poignant. Actually if I may be blunt, somewhat miserably… Continue reading Some say love….