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The Favourite One



If I may be bold, I will say, I was my late Grandmother’s favourite grandchild…….along with each of her other 16 grandchildren that is. She was amazing that way – she had the ability to demonstrate her love and care for you in such a way, that left you feeling you must be her favourite. From her joy at seeing you, to her all embracing hugs, her listening, really listening, to what was going on in your life, to the morning or afternoon tea spreads of home baking (customised to how you preferred your scones!) As great grandchildren came along, her love did not diminish but grew in capacity as she would cuddle another baby as if he or she was the only. And if that wasn’t enough, every night she would pray for each and every one of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

So I can declare, along with my siblings and cousins, that I was her favourite!

It’s a picture of Jesus – of the love He has for us. His love is limitless. His love is not like a piece of pie that must be shared amongst all people. His love for each of us is personal, complete, intent and makes you feel that you must be His favourite. Misty Edwards, singer and worshipper, must have glimpsed the same, when she wrote the song “Favourite One”. The opening lyrics are  “Jesus, here I am, Your favourite one.

In case we needed further convincing the Bible states that God loves us as much as He loves His Son. In John 17:23 Jesus says of God, “then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” How much more of a favourite can we be, to be loved as much as Jesus? who can compare to Jesus?

To be God’s favourite, is to realise that God’s love for each of us is perfect and complete. It is not measured against His love for others but measured against the Cross. That God sent His only beloved Son to the cross to die for us is the greatest demonstration of love ever. Period. Nothing can trump that. It is the ultimate sacrifice for love, and that was done for each and every one of us. It is the ultimate proof of perfect love.

I am loved by God, I am God’s favourite.


(Written in memory of my grandmother who passed away 4th October 2010 in her 90th year)

2 thoughts on “The Favourite One

  1. 😇 what a wonderful tribute to the most Wonderful mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother we were so Blessed to have in our lives. This is truly the picture of her love and life lived daily! We watched her pray – on her knees every day. Such a beautiful picture she left us with – the picture if love and Faith in her Saviour. Thank you Philippaxxx. Bless you. Marieannexx

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