Life Lessons

Fading Daylight



Into the second day of power cuts, I sat in my living room watching daylight gradually fade into darkness. The boys had gone to bed armed with torches and lanterns, whereas I had gathered every available candle (which turned out to be a lot!) to light the lounge. With candles lit, I was ready to embrace the night ahead with no electricity, although I did miss my evening coffee!

As the sun set and daylight dissipated, the candles shone even brighter. And when our home was finally enveloped in darkness along with the rest of the neighbourhood, my candles continued to shine and glow. They gave me light when I most needed it.

In the midst of a world that is spiritually and morally becoming darker, we need to shine and glow like my candles. Christine Caine once wrote “God doesn’t need more shooting stars, He needs more lighthouses.” I love this quote – probably because I love lighthouses, but also because of the picture it portrays. A Lighthouse gives light to guide ships and boats to safe harbours and to avoid crashing on relentless rocks. It is stable, constant and has a purpose. It is there to communicate the safe way ahead.

We need to be Lighthouses. We need to be that stable, light giving presence to the world around us. We need to be the ones who demonstrate and show the way to go. That means being people who act with integrity, who while at work are diligent, committed and who don’t take shortcuts. It means being the parent at the school gate that can offer support and encouragement to others and not gossip. It means being the friend that can be trusted for wise counsel. It means that our faith is not demonstrated by the mere fact that we attended church on Sunday, but that in our actions and deeds we bring glory to God.

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” (Matthew 5:16)


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