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Sometimes it’s the little things

love is

Love is more often demonstrated in the small daily acts than in grand extravagance. Listening to my 6 year old’s chatter about crafts, I bought him some pipe cleaners from the $2 shop. His joy as he ran up the stairs to begin the many creations that would then be made was clearly visible. Love is shown when I warm the kids’ pj’s in the hot water cupboard ready for them, or someone gets a hot chocolate in Dad’s superman mug!

For me it’s when my 6 year old holds my hand for the short walk from the car to the school gate, or when my 3 year old launches himself at me for a hug. It’s my oldest son making cards telling me he loves me. I don’t need extravagant gifts from them – these are the moments that I treasure in my heart. (My husband of course is free to give me gifts of jewellery whenever!!! cough cough…hint!!)

When Jesus walked the earth, He continually demonstrated love to people in small ways that made a huge impact on them. His love shown to the Samaritan woman as He took time and went against convention to speak to her, caused not only her to be saved, but the whole town as well. His invitation to lunch of Zacchaeus turned the Tax Collector’s life around. These small acts carried as much eternal significance as the miracles that Jesus performed.

Take time to be intentional in the little acts of love – they are significant.

“Sometimes the smallest act of love can take up the biggest space in someone’s heart.”


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things

  1. When Dad and I were engaged I used to cut the “Love Is” out of the Herald and give it to him – he did a special one for me on the day we were engaged!

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