Life Lessons

The Timely Text


It wasn’t the grandest of gestures from a friend. It didn’t involve flowers or an extravagant gift. It wasn’t a voucher for a spa treatment. But it was the most extraordinarily timed and perfect gift possible – that of a simple text message.

Friday wasn’t going well, a health scare had me slipping away from the office to rest before an emergency scan appointment. 11 weeks into my pregnancy and I was scared that I was losing the baby. As I drove home holding back tears, fighting fear and praying, my mobile alert of a text went. A simple text message from a friend checking in to say she was thinking of me and sending her love. It was encouragement for my soul, balm for a heart in anguish. Perfect timing. It was just what I needed. And being the friend she is, it led to a text exchange and her praying for me.

That’s the thing I love about God! His thoughts to us are always good and He knows what we need before we need it! It’s also what I love when we live with our hearts inclined to His whisper. A prompting, a hunch to take the time to act. In this case to send a text. The result – a partnership with God that reaches out and touches someone in need. We don’t know the impact that our seemingly little acts of kindness will make, the blessings that small acts of friendship give. It could be a coffee, a letter, a willing ear, a meal, an offer of help. Not headline news. But important, needed, of value – yes! And in God’s eyes precious indeed.

It all ended up ok. The baby was fine and is growing well! I am left though with an indelible mark on my spirit – how God demonstrated His love to me during a time in need through a willing and gracious friend.


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