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A foggy morning


I woke this morning to find our house shrouded in fog. In a fog, driving becomes more difficult as visibility drops to only a few feet in front of the car. We drive slower and more carefully, trying to distinguish the road in front of us. Yet all that has changed is the atmosphere around us. The road hasn’t changed. All that is compromised is our vision. As the fog clears we can see that the road was still there in front of us. We just had to focus harder and pay attention more to where we are going.

Sometimes it can feel that God has disappeared – that He is far off and we can no longer see Him. It is like we are surrounded by fog, only to discover that He was there all the time – our vision was just impaired.


Corrie Ten Boom wrote this – “Faith is like radar that sees through the fog – the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see.”

Next time you’re in a fog remember to drive carefully. But if you’re in a spiritual fog – hang in there. The fog will lift and you will see that God was there the whole time, unchanged – still good, still for you!




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