Eyes on you

It had been one of "those" mornings. One child frantically finishing a forgotten assignment and needing help to do so, a work crisis unfolding in New York meaning a rapidly shrinking window of time to resolve. Not to mention Oscar in tears in the car after two turnarounds to home to retrieve kindy bag left… Continue reading Eyes on you

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Be Thou My Vision

It's a famous hymn, it's origins dating back to Ireland some 1500 years ago. Believed to have been written by an Irish poet, St Dalian who had lost his sight and his lost vision inspired the opening line - "Be thou my vision, oh Lord of my heart." But does this hymn, this prayer have an application to us… Continue reading Be Thou My Vision

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The View

Standing at my kitchen bench, I love the vista from the window onto a corner of my garden. I love watching the birds feeding on the bread I've thrown them. It's a pretty sight, and gives me cause to pause and enjoy. You might have something similar - a favourite corner of the garden or maybe you look… Continue reading The View

Life Lessons

Do you see what I see?

Things to children are never what they are to us. They see the world differently. That's certainly the case with my boys. Driving along the waterfront, to my 6 year old,  it's not Rangitoto Island we're viewing, it's Tracy Island, home to the Thunderbirds. It's not just a plain cardboard box, it's a briefcase for a super hero costume… Continue reading Do you see what I see?

Dreams & Destiny · Life Lessons

Vision Redefined

In the world of Tablet advertising, all announcing a plethora of new features and technology that I can barely keep up with, from retina display to thinner bezels, one company has the sleek slogan that I could identify with (and actually remember!)  - "vision redefined". Of course said slogan was then backed up by all the techno terminology, but I liked the… Continue reading Vision Redefined

Life Lessons

Wearing my 3D Glasses

You have to love 3D Movies. It means a whole theatre of people wearing ridicously ugly glasses. But by putting the 3D glasses on it means you get to see a dimension of the movie that you couldn’t see otherwise. The screen comes to life and it feels like the action is going on all around you.… Continue reading Wearing my 3D Glasses

Hearing from God · Life Lessons

A foggy morning

I woke this morning to find our house shrouded in fog. In a fog, driving becomes more difficult as visibility drops to only a few feet in front of the car. We drive slower and more carefully, trying to distinguish the road in front of us. Yet all that has changed is the atmosphere around us. The… Continue reading A foggy morning

Dreams & Destiny · Life Lessons

The Unintentional Destination

  Have you ever been driving a car and realise you can't remember how you got there? Or worse still, like me, you are heading for one destination, yet find yourself heading somewhere entirely different. I did it on the way to work once - found myself on the road to the local mall! Hmm, must… Continue reading The Unintentional Destination