Quiet Times

The Architecture of My Heart

I cannot number how many glorious and ancient cathedrals across Europe that I have had the privilege of visiting. Absolute masterpieces of design and architecture. Of seeing the tall spires, the soaring vaulted ceilings and intricate stained glass windows. Cathedrals built as a house of God.  A place to encounter God and worship Him for centuries to come.… Continue reading The Architecture of My Heart

Life Lessons

Whispers of the Heart

Sometimes we have dreams and hope, wishes even that we never articulate or voice. Dreams and hopes that reside only in our hearts and some only fleetingly at that.  Yet God hears all these quiet wishes and the unarticulated dreams. The heart whispers and God hears and responds. Today my husband had one such fleeting wish -… Continue reading Whispers of the Heart


The heart remembers…

...what the mind does not It's a story currently doing the rounds on social media. A story of a man in his eighties who has alzheimers. Memories have gone. The mind can no longer remember. But what this story shows is that while the mind can no longer remember, the heart does not forget. One… Continue reading The heart remembers…