Life Lessons

Whispers of the Heart


Sometimes we have dreams and hope, wishes even that we never articulate or voice. Dreams and hopes that reside only in our hearts and some only fleetingly at that.  Yet God hears all these quiet wishes and the unarticulated dreams. The heart whispers and God hears and responds.

Today my husband had one such fleeting wish – that of a babysitter that would allow us to have a precious night out for a bite to eat and an opportunity to get to a couple of shops for a few items needed. He didn’t articulate the wish and it remained one that only his heart knew of.

Today my mother rang with an offer to babysit. Her suggestion that we could pop out for dinner and maybe do some late night shopping. The quiet wish in my husband’s heart had been heard by God who in turn whispered it to my mother. Dropped into her heart as a thought.

The heart whispered, and God – He heard, and He responded.

A wish made, a dream fulfilled.


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