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Above my kitchen sink sit 3 little tubs with bean plants sprouting out of them. Lovingly planted by my sons and now (lovingly?) watered and cared for by me. Despite the smallness of the tub they are planted in, they are growing. These seeds have been given the opportunity of becoming more than a seed. Planting these… Continue reading Planted


The soundtrack to your day

Sometimes when I enter a shop I am aware of the soundtrack being played. Sometimes it makes me head right out the door again as it interferes with the enjoyment of the shop or just generally grates on me. Other times the music seems to lull me into lingering in the shop and consequently spend… Continue reading The soundtrack to your day

Life Lessons

The Excuse Onion

If you've arrived from the Hustle Facebook Page, welcome to my blog! I've decided to be brave, honest and vulnerable on my blog with my Hustle of losing weight 🙂 Hope it encourages you as much as it commits me to my goal! Excuses are like onions, I've decided. Why? They both have layers and layers. You peel off… Continue reading The Excuse Onion

Life Lessons

Snakes and Ladders – A lesson for Life

  Progress in life is not just straight up or straight forward for that matter! Sometimes I think life is like a game of Snakes and Ladders. One day you are plodding along and whoosh you’ve shot ahead. Then just as easily you land on a snake and can be back where you started. But… Continue reading Snakes and Ladders – A lesson for Life