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Dream Big

Above my kitchen sink sit 3 little tubs with bean plants sprouting out of them. Lovingly planted by my sons and now (lovingly?) watered and cared for by me. Despite the smallness of the tub they are planted in, they are growing. These seeds have been given the opportunity of becoming more than a seed. Planting these seeds has meant that they have transformed into living plants with roots and stalks and leaves and hopefully one day beans (that my sons will then want to eat?!)

Dreams are like seeds, carried around in our hearts like seeds left in their packets. If they just remain in our hearts they will but remain a dream. Dreams need to be planted to give them the opportunity to grow. They need to be planted to give God the opportunity to breathe life into them. Just like the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters waiting for God to speak out and the world to be created. So does He wait for us to take action.

And for dreams to be planted, it means that we have to put our brave on and maybe get a little dirty and get the potting soil out. It means that these treasures that are stored in our heart need to be brought into the open, to be whispered aloud to a trusted friend. It means even the littlest tiniest step of action needs to be made.

Christine Caine wrote this “some dreams are never realised because people do not position or place themselves in the very context necessary for the dream to be birthed.”

I need to be brave and you might need to be brave too, and let some of those dreams come to life.

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