Dreams & Destiny


PREPARATION:- To put in proper condition or readiness. Waiting “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” (Abraham Lincoln) If we want to live a life of significance, we need to understand that it won’t happen by accident. We must be intentional about the choices we make in relation to our dreams. We… Continue reading Prepared

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Above my kitchen sink sit 3 little tubs with bean plants sprouting out of them. Lovingly planted by my sons and now (lovingly?) watered and cared for by me. Despite the smallness of the tub they are planted in, they are growing. These seeds have been given the opportunity of becoming more than a seed. Planting these… Continue reading Planted

Life Lessons · Parenting

The Dentist’s Chair

Today I took my 6 year old son to the dentist. As we walked towards the clinic, a little hand slipped into mine and a voice whispered "I am scared". I reassured my little chap and squeezed his hand in encouragement. I told him to be brave and in we went. He chatted happily to the Dentist about… Continue reading The Dentist’s Chair

Dreams & Destiny · Life Lessons

A Swarm of Seagulls

Yes I know, it should really read a flock of seagulls or more correctly a colony of seagulls. But that doesn't quite convey the feeling I had of seeing a flock descend on the houses around me. It felt like a swarm. Maybe it is just my dislike of seagulls manifesting that leads me to describe them… Continue reading A Swarm of Seagulls

Life Lessons

Mining & Minecraft

My boys have discovered Minecraft. Ok, enabled by me, since I purchased the App. But, nonetheless they have discovered the joy of creating houses and farms, towers and castles and anything else that captures their imagination. Mining is an essential element of the game (apparently, I'm still coming up to speed with the intricacies of… Continue reading Mining & Minecraft

Dreams & Destiny

Living the Dream

Whenever I ask one of my colleagues at work how he's doing, he always replies the same. "Living the dream mate, living the dream." I must say, he says it rather facetiously. But is he? Am I? Are you? Truth be told, we are already on some level living the dream. We are already living in… Continue reading Living the Dream