Dreams & Destiny



PREPARATION:- To put in proper condition or readiness. Waiting

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” (Abraham Lincoln)

If we want to live a life of significance, we need to understand that it won’t happen by accident. We must be intentional about the choices we make in relation to our dreams. We need to set goals to ensure we are moving toward them daily. To plan our time according to our priorities rather than letting life just happen. We need to be intentional about the things we do or do not do.

Let your God given dream fuel you. Many people live life “going with the flow” or “taking life as it comes.” They have no strategy or infrastructure in place to facilitate the realization of their dream. The fact is, when it comes to fulfilling our destiny, we can’t hit a target that we cannot see. Esther had a plan to follow – 6 months of myrrh, 6 months of perfume. Myrrh was used embalm people and cover the smell of flesh. It also healed and removed impurities. It represented h represents repentance and dying to self. The 6 months of perfume represents praise and worship – intimacy with God.

Esther’s waiting time to meet the King was spent preparing, so when her turn came she was ready. She had 12 months to wait before her encounter with the King that would change her whole life and that of her people.

As you pursue your dreams set very specific goals along the way. Only a succession of small, daily, measured steps would take us into the future we envision.

And like Queen Esther, we will also see that our preparation is joined with God’s favour, anointing, and opportunity. Esther had to be in the palace for her opportunity to be Queen. We do our part, God does His.

It’s not enough to see the future we want; we have to be deliberate about the actions we take to make this future a reality. And who knows where our dreams will take us – Esther went on to step into her “For Such a Time as This” moment. Something that God has planned for all of us.

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