Life Lessons

Driving Blind


Driving home from work on a dark and stormy night is not the easiest ride. Visibility is poor. Conditions hard. Add to that driving in an unfamiliar car and you’ve got yourself a complicated trip home. Tonight, I had all the elements. I was driving our new car and I realised that I had not made myself familiar with the essentials for night time driving. Lights ok. How to adjust the wing mirror – not so much. Ended up winding the window down and adjusting the mirror manually. Getting soaked in the process I might add.

Note to self, find out where the button is to adjust wing mirrors before I need to drive off again. Be prepared. It’s a bit like thinking you can study during the actual exam. That’s not going to work either.

It’s the same with life. Don’t wait till you’re in a hard place, in a trial to equip yourself with how to get through, to familiarise yourself with the tools that will help. Prepare now. Arm yourself now with the promises of God so that you can easily recall them. Get into the Bible now. Know the key Scriptures that relate to your dream now. Establish your prayer life now. When you’re prepared, you’re less likely to give in. When you’re prepared you can stay strong. When you’re prepared you know what to do. Know what tools will help you when it gets tough to hang onto your dream.

Preparation certainly makes the ride a lot easier!



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