Life Lessons

The continuing saga of Lego Batman

Lego Batman

Yes, the journeys of Lego Batman continues in my household! And this time it included his sidekick Robin! You’d think that I’d have been more vigilant. And you’re right – I have been. Lego Batman does not get to go on outings with my 3 year old anymore. I now add a disclaimer – the outings I know about!

It all started (restarted!) with a trip out to a birthday party. Boys entered the house with no toys in tow, or so I thought. But once we were back in the car, fill of cake and other goodies, the 3 year old started talking about lego batman and Robin. We arrived home and looked for them, to no avail. It then dawned on me that as I wrapped the birthday present, my 3 year old was busy wrapping his lego into some paper as well. But where was that bundle of squished paper. I surmised that somehow it had ended up with the actual present. An embarrassed text was then sent to our friends to errr look through their rubbish! Thankfully said lego figures were discovered in a squished bundle of wrapping paper. And another happy reunion ensured.

So what’s the lesson in this? Other than check and check again what gets taken out of the house! It made me think again of little things. This time though, of how little things can easily and quickly get away from us. Unnoticed, unchecked and with not so nice consequences – (I had friends going through their rubbish for us!) It’s the little food items that sneak into our daily diets and then we’re faced with needing to lose weight. Or the little white lies that seem innocent and barely noticeable that grow into bigger deceits and bigger consequences. Maybe it’s the taking shortcuts at work or the letting that speeding needle creep up too much.

Sometimes, it’s worthwhile having a little stock take of our lives, and recalibrating things before they get away from us.

PS If you know how to put GPS on little toys let me know!

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