Dreams & Destiny

Living the Dream

dream 1

Whenever I ask one of my colleagues at work how he’s doing, he always replies the same. “Living the dream mate, living the dream.” I must say, he says it rather facetiously. But is he? Am I? Are you?

Truth be told, we are already on some level living the dream. We are already living in a life that has seen the fulfilment of some of our dreams. And while we still have dreams that have yet to be fulfilled, let the knowledge of the dreams already met give you encouragement to continue dreaming.

Dreams fulfilled are already part of your normal life and most of us are living right in the middle of many of our dreams from yesterday. Maybe it was the spouse you asked God for. Maybe the noise and chaos around you is from the children you didn’t know you would ever have. You could be working in the dream job you prayed to God for, or living in the house that you didn’t dare think was possible.

I look around my life and I see my husband that I prayed for. I see my boys that I dreamed of having (and yes I dreamed of having boys!). I look back over my life and I see the dreams fulfilled – the dream to travel to New York, London, Paris. The dream to preach and to minister. The dream of a lovely family home in the suburb where we now live. I see the little dreams of the German Christmas ornaments, to the perfect keepsake journal and even my coffee machine!

Remember that today you are living in the answered prayers and realized hopes of yesterday. And while there are still many dreams that I carry, I use the testimony of the fulfilled dreams to fuel my hope and encourage my soul as to the possibility of their fulfilment.

I’m living the dream! But I’m also still dreaming!



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