Dreams & Destiny

Stepping out


“Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

Do you have a dream inside of you? A dream that has not yet taken flight? Is it time to step out of the boat and pursue it?  Is it time to be brave?

I don’t know if the Apostle Peter ever dreamt of walking on water, but he certainly leapt at the chance to get out of the boat and try…In the middle of the Sea of Gailee no less. In a storm! It was definitely a “sink or swim…(or walk on water) moment!” I probably would have tried on the waters edge…on a sunny day…when it was calm. And I certainly would have tried when there was no one watching. Peter did it front of his mates, the other Disciples – witnesses to his success or failure. (As it turned out a bit of both!)

But sometimes that is what being brave means. It means not waiting for the perfect conditions or time. It means not caring what others might think of your “impossible” attempt. It means hearing the voice of the Lord, obeying and stepping out of the boat when He says come.

Don’t give in and settle for someone else’s agenda for your life. Keep God first and listen to what He has called you to do. There are other voices calling you to other things. There will be voices calling you to stay in the boat. Or even voices that say you are foolish and won’t succeed. There are other opportunities. And sometimes the easiest option will be to walk away or ignore that dream in your heart.

But dare to dream! It’s your job to give your dream a presence and voice in your life. Keep the dream in front of you. It is your job to give light to the dream through action.

“This is your life. Be bold with it. Live it with energy and purpose in the direction that excites you. Listen to your heart, look for your dreams: they are God inspired.” (Bear Grylls)


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