Life Lessons

Footsteps on our Faith

You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet may fail And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep My faith will stand He’s in a boat and Jesus has appeared walking on the water, calling for him to step out. Calling him to walk on water. In that moment,… Continue reading Footsteps on our Faith

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National Haircut Day

It was National Haircut Day yesterday. Well not really, but that's what it felt like. The first 3 women I spoke to at the school and kindy drop off, were all sporting new haircuts and had that I've just been to the salon sleek coiffured look. I apparently missed the memo reminding me to go to… Continue reading National Haircut Day

Life Lessons

Do you see what I see?

Things to children are never what they are to us. They see the world differently. That's certainly the case with my boys. Driving along the waterfront, to my 6 year old,  it's not Rangitoto Island we're viewing, it's Tracy Island, home to the Thunderbirds. It's not just a plain cardboard box, it's a briefcase for a super hero costume… Continue reading Do you see what I see?


The Traitor and the Betrayal – {Lent}

It would probably be true to say that not many of us will be unscathed by a betrayal or a hurt from a friend. Over the course of our lives most of us would have at some point been let down, hurt or betrayed by a friend. I know I have. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally. It can come in… Continue reading The Traitor and the Betrayal – {Lent}