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Leap of Faith


I must confess, I was somewhat taken aback as to the absolute trust and confidence my 2 year old puts in my ability to catch him. Stuck at the top of a big slide, jumping into my arms was to him less of a risk than actually going down the slide. He had more faith than me. But then he had all the reason to have faith in his mum – I’d never missed before. Jumping into my arms was a sure bet in his eyes and in my arms, as there has been since he was born, was comfort and reassurance. He knew, even if I at that moment doubted myself, that I would catch him.

Fortunately for us, God does not have any doubts as to His ability to catch us. In fact it is us who are hesitant, doubting and unsure that He will be there to catch us as we take a leap of faith. It’s scary to step out and witness to someone, or to offer to pray for them. It’s scary to stand in front of a crowd to preach. And I think that often what really scares us is the fear that God won’t show up.  That He won’t give us the words to say when we open our mouths. That He won’t be there to strengthen us. That He won’t catch us as we take that leap.

Indiana Jones faced a similar predicament. In the last of tests to reach the Holy Grail he has to take a literal leap of faith into an abyss. After he takes his first step into nothing a bridge appears. The Disciple Peter took a leap too – out of the boat and onto the water where he began to walk.

After we open our mouths to speak, God fills it. And He is with us always. When we take that leap, God is there.

I realised later that when my son jumped into my arms his eyes were fixed on me. That’s what we need to do. Eyes fixed on Jesus means a heart that won’t falter. It means we can walk on water. It means we can take the leap of faith.

2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. I’ve never been great at opening my mouth to testify to God’s work in my life or just generally. As you point out, there’s that fear that we will take the leap and then suddenly God won’t show up and we’ll look like idiots.

    But lately, amazingly, God’s been giving me boldness to share in small ways with family who don’t know him. It’s a very little thing compared to others I know who witness regularly and openly but for me, it’s huge. I know it’s not me, it couldn’t be, I’ve been a coward all my life. But God has been there I’ve taken the leap.

    Lovely image of you and your son. What a cracking post.

    1. Thank you! So hard sometimes to be brave, but yay for the opportunities that God is obviously giving you! Nothing is small in God’s eyes! Sharing with family I think is sometimes the hardest! And your blog is shining His light too – blessing many!

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