Sir, we would see Jesus


The little lame boy hurried to the passenger gate of the railway station as fast as his crutches and basket of fruit and candy would permit. As the passengers rushed through the gate, a young man accidentally hit the basket, knocking oranges and apples in every direction. He stopped only long enough to scold the boy for being in his way. Another young man who was passing by saw the boy’s distress and began picking up his fruit. As he placed it in the basket, he put a silver dollar in his hand. With a “Better luck next time” and a smile, he went his way.

“Hey, Mister,” called the little boy, “are you Jesus?”

“No,” answered his friend, “I’m only one of His followers.”

The people whose lives we touch need to see Jesus in your life and mine. Most will not understand His love unless they see it in our words and action. We are His representatives on the earth. It is up to us to reveal Him and demonstrate His love to those around us.

In John 12 we read of some Greeks who asked Phillip, the disciple “Sir, we wish to see Jesus“. That is the age long cry of all humanity.  To see Jesus. The cry of the world today is just the same as it was for the Greeks in Jerusalem. “Sir, we would see Jesus.”

Will you reveal, show and demonstrate the Father to those around you? Will you be that one?

A Librarian helping out a scared 5 year old during his first week at school.

Are you Jesus?

A friend turning up at the door of a family whose father had been made redundant with food.

Are you Jesus?

A stranger, sitting and holding the hand of an old lady as she died in the Doctor’s Waiting Room.

Are you Jesus?

Are you Jesus to those around you? Am I?

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