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The first time ever I saw your face… {Mother’s Day}

It was time for our ultrasound of our baby at 20 weeks. I remember our excitement about being able to see this baby. Even more excited as advancements in technology from when we were last expecting meant that we would be able to see the baby in 3d. No longer just the grainy black and white… Continue reading The first time ever I saw your face… {Mother’s Day}

Life Lessons · Parenting

Good Mum, Bad Mum…

Remember the "He loves me, He loves me not" game with a daisy that you'd do? Pulling a petal off one by one to see if it ended with "He loves' me or "He loves me not." It struck me today that it's something we can also play with our lives. Maybe it's the "Good mum,… Continue reading Good Mum, Bad Mum…


The Messiness of Motherhood

Motherhood is messy. It is filled with spills and stains and grubby marks. All precious, but still messy. I can't count the number of times I've gone to go out (or gone out) and discovered the milk marks, snot marks even on my shoulder. I have repeatedly wiped the fingermarks and the occasional crayon mark… Continue reading The Messiness of Motherhood

Life Lessons · Parenting

The Best of Times

They say that Mothers of little boys are busy from son up to son down. As a mum to 3 boys, I'd have to say that rings true! One of the mottos that I live by is Keep Calm and Carry on. Meant for British citizens as a strategy in world war II, it has meaning… Continue reading The Best of Times