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high tea4

A gathering. Laughter. Life. Love. Fluffy and light scones, jam and cream, tea – yes Devonshire tea. Daughters and Granddaughters together to remember a Mother, a grandmother. Much loved. Much missed. She would have loved it. Not just for the tea in the fine bone china cups but for the connection, the conversation, the sense of occasion.

Remembering is such an important part of life. To remember and to celebrate the good – the anniversaries, the milestones. And yes to remember those that are no longer with us. We do it as individuals, families and nations. We remember the victories, the accomplishments and the significant.

It is a habit that God encouraged His people to do. To create memorial stones at places of breakthrough and victory so that generations later would pause and remember what God had done. Seen at the place where they crossed the Jordon river. He created Feast days, so that His people would also remember and celebrate the victories. An opportunity to celebrate the victories of the past giving strength for the present and hope for the future.

It is good for us to pause and remember the testimonies of what God has done for us. The healings, the answered prayers, the breakthroughs. By doing this we continue to be more aware of God in our lives. We become more aware of His presence and nature. Remembering our testimonies stirs our hope and strengthen our spirit to keep on, knowing that our God never changes and is true to His promises. It keeps our expectation and our faith high.

“I have inherited your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart.” (Psalm 119:111)


…what the mind does not

It’s a story currently doing the rounds on social media. A story of a man in his eighties who has alzheimers. Memories have gone. The mind can no longer remember. But what this story shows is that while the mind can no longer remember, the heart does not forget. One day this man went missing. The Police were called and despatched to search for him. He was quickly found. For someone who needs help to walk around the block, managed to walk 2 miles from his home.

This man was on a mission. The man didn’t know his address or where he had come from. But he knew where he was going. He was determined to buy his wife flowers. Every year since the birth of their first child, Melvin had bought his wife flowers for Mother’s day. With Mother’s Day the very next day, he was determined not to disappoint. Thanks to the kindness of the police that found him, that plan was fulfilled. The Police returned him safely home, bouquet in hand. His wife saw his heart and saw that love remembers.

So often in life, we forget what God has done for us. We forget the prayers answered, the dreams realised. Our mind moves on and is filled with other thoughts, new dreams, new need. But our heart remembers, our spirit remembers. Our heart, our spirit, is always pulling us towards God. The heart never forgets. And to quote the commentator on the story – “love becomes an instinct”.

”…that you may know the thoughts of your heart.’ (Daniel 2:30b NKJV)

“I remembered my songs in the night. My heart mused and my spirit inquired.” (Psalm 77:6)

Watch the story here – When Love becomes an Instinct




Turn up the Volume

We need to turn up the volume of the testimonies in our lives and in the lives of others.

Reminding ourselves of our testimonies stirs our faith. It reminds us that God has provided for us, answered our prayer, healed us. When we are feeling discouraged or up against a wall, remembering the testimonies strengthens us.

Listening to the testimony of others encourages us that God can do it again. There is power in the testimony. The Hebrew root for “testimony” means “do again”. Every record of what God has done in the Bible, for others is a promise that He can do it again for us. Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is no respecter of persons.

God who promises to provide, who has provided for us, will provide again. Testimonies like this mean that we should and can look on our natural situations with a God perspective. We need to REMEMBER them, celebrate them.

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul; and forget not all His benefits.” (Psalm 103:1-2)





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