Life Lessons

The Aspirational Life (or handbag!)

Walking past a department store counter it caught my eye. How could it not - a beautiful delicate blue chevron patterned bag. Eye catching and gorgeous. And that was before I picked it up and appreciated the practicalities of the design. You will be relieved, if not surprised to know, that I put it back… Continue reading The Aspirational Life (or handbag!)

New Year


How often do our New Year’s Resolutions feel like echoes from years past? That instead of walking down life’s road we find ourselves stuck on a treadmill, expending just as much effort, but nonetheless going nowhere. What is it that causes our New Year resolutions to falter and any change to be unsustainable? The key… Continue reading Resolutions

Life Lessons

I’m making a list…

I love lists! Christmas Lists especially! But actually lists of things to do, shopping lists, books to read, dreams to achieve...Lists work for me. I can tick them off, monitor progress, set a target for the day, month or year. Getting to the end of a day in the office with everything crossed off the to… Continue reading I’m making a list…

Life Lessons · Scripture

A Tale of Two Sisters

It should have been the happiest day of her life. Her wedding. It was not. She felt fear, hurt. She was scared. For the moment though she was safe - protected by her veil. Hidden by her veil. But in a moment that would change. The veil would be removed. Her husband would see her.… Continue reading A Tale of Two Sisters