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A Tale of Two Sisters


It should have been the happiest day of her life. Her wedding. It was not. She felt fear, hurt. She was scared. For the moment though she was safe – protected by her veil. Hidden by her veil.

But in a moment that would change. The veil would be removed. Her husband would see her. He would see her ugliness. He would see that she was…

…not Rachel

…but Leah.

And he would reject her. A pawn in her father’s game of trickery towards Jacob. She felt ugly, unlovely, despised and not wanted.  All her life she was the dull one compared to her beautiful sister. All her life she was aware of not being beautiful. How must that have cut to her soul. How that must have hurt.

But as the tale in the Bible moves towards Jacob finally being united with his beloved Rachel, we find that Leah is not forgotten or ignored by God. We find that she goes on a journey of transformation. We find her opening her heart, her hopes to the one who created her. To the one who loved her.

Her first son, Reuben, for “God Sees”

Her second, Simeon, for “God hears”

Her third, Levi for “Companionship”

Judah, for “Praise God”

Leah was able to move from a place of rejection and hurt to a place of praising God, secure in the comfort and love of her God that sees, hears and answers.



5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sisters

  1. What a beautiful story this is in the bible and gives all of us hope when we feel that we are not the favoured one.
    God sees, God hears and God loves.

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