Life Lessons

In Between

It's an odd week. That week that's bookended either side by Christmas Day and New Year's Day. You lose track of what day it is. Are the shops open today? Normal times? And what about the Postman - does he come this week? And of course the inevitable conversation of what day does rubbish gets collected! Sometimes… Continue reading In Between

Life Lessons

The wait is over

  A spring day. And on the incongruous steps of a private Hospital, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduce their new-born baby - a princess to the world. Yes for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the wait was over. For the press encamped on the Hospital's doorstep the waiting was over too. The public - elated. It… Continue reading The wait is over

Life Lessons

Tastes of Summer

You have to love Summer. Beautiful balmy days, sunshine and beaches, lazy days and time to relax. And then there's the food - barbeques,  Frappuccino and gelato, not to mention the beautiful summer fruits. Succulent nectarines and apricots, juicy peaches and berries - strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries! And grapes. I can't forget the grapes. Absolutely love them! At this time… Continue reading Tastes of Summer

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Traffic jams and a lesson in patience

Today, waiting at an intersection while an endless stream of cars passed by, all eating into precious time for getting to swimming lessons, I caught myself sighing and then definitely frowning. Well actually my boys caught me frowning. I was unashamedly impatient. In that moment, a song then came to mind. A song from my childhood,… Continue reading Traffic jams and a lesson in patience

Life Lessons

The Waiting Place

Today I walked past a bus stop (to my car, yeah I'm not a public transport girl!) and I noticed the different postures of those waiting for the bus. One was standing to attention, like a soldier, eyes focused down the road to where the bus would come round the corner. Intent on the bus.… Continue reading The Waiting Place