Life Lessons

In Between


It’s an odd week. That week that’s bookended either side by Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. You lose track of what day it is. Are the shops open today? Normal times? And what about the Postman – does he come this week? And of course the inevitable conversation of what day does rubbish gets collected!

Sometimes it can feel like that with life. That you’re sandwiched between the promise and the provision. That you’re neither here nor there. Not at the mountain top but not in the valley either. Just in between. Or as A.A. Milne wrote in his poem, you are on a stair halfway, neither up or down. It’s the middle places that much of our life is spent. Spent waiting, hoping, standing in faith. We’re waiting for the answer to prayer, the healing, the provision.

But it’s in these times that we need to keep on, press on and hold on. We need to remember that God is faithful and true to His promises.

And if I’m right about what day it is, the rubbish goes out tonight…

“For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.”         (2 Corinthians 1:20)


4 thoughts on “In Between

  1. Wow! Thanks Philippa……. So inspirational to read this morning, and so aptly written about where life is so often lived. Thanks for your encouragement and “realness”. I am so encouraged by your blogs. God bless you today. Gill 🙂

  2. Oh Philippa that is so true, both for this week when I am continually asking the family what day it is, and for so much of life. Thank you for the encouragement to keep on, press on & hold on & that our God is faithful. I need that remnder today. Bless you, Barbara

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