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Coming Home

White sheet

Rosenbury was riding in a train on his way to a speaking engagement. He noticed a boy in his late teens acting very nervous, moving from one seat to another. Dr. Rosenbury approached the boy and asked him if he could be of some help. The boy told his story, “I used to live in Springvale just a few miles ahead. This train goes right behind our back yard. My father and mother still live in the old house. Three years ago I had a fight with my dad and ran away from home. It has been three tough years. I wrote to my mom last week and told her I wanted to come home just once and if dad agreed she was going to hang something white outside the house so I would know that my father had agreed to let me stop. I told her not to do it unless father had agreed to let me come home.” Dr Rosenbury noticed the boy becoming increasingly agitated as he said, “Look sir, my house is just a few miles ahead and I am afraid to look. I am going to close my eyes. Would you look and see if you can see anything white hanging in the yard?” As the train came around the corner Rosenbury shouted, “Look, son, look!” You could hardly see the house for white. There was a large sheet hanging from the upstairs window, tablecloths, hankies, pillowcases hung on every tree, all across the clothes line, hanging from every window. The boy’s face went white, his lips quivered as the train came to a stop. Rosenbury says that the last thing he saw of the boy he was running as fast as he could to the house of his father.

Our God just wants us home! He doesn’t care about our past, our mistakes, our failings and our sin. He cares about us! Jesus came to die for us so that we could call God our Father. He loves us! He loves you!!! He sent His Son to be our righteousness that we can run home to God without guilt or shame!

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