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Be a Bumble Bee

bumble1I had a collision the other day. With a bee. I was walking along the road when a bee was flying the other way and it hit me. Or I hit it, we’re letting our insurance companies decide…It was pretty traumatic for the bee at least. It wasn’t until I got home and removed my sunglasses that I discovered the bee was still in my hair. Alive I’m relieved to say, just a bit knocked about. I let it go on it’s merry way.

The experts claim that according to the rules of aerodynamics, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. They say it is not designed for flight because of its short fat body, short wings and little wing span. However, despite all of these contentions, the bumble bee continues to fly. Apparently unaware of what the “experts” are saying.  And may I add, fly well enough to make an impact on me as it collided with me on a street.

Sometimes we remain flightless, convinced that what our perception and reason tells us is true. That what experts and non experts tell us is the truth and that we cannot fly. We constrain ourselves to the natural realm and live according to what is said about us and our situation. God though has a different view and one that declares that healing, miracles and breakthrough. That answered prayer to impossible situations is possible. When we make sure that our outlook on our lives is grounded in God, we live according to promises not prospects, to truth not fact. When anything is possible!

We need to be like the Bumble Bee – ignore the experts and listen to God!!

2 thoughts on “Be a Bumble Bee

  1. Loved this post. @Frothy43 recommended your blog to me. Loving what I’ve found so far.
    Looking forward to reading more….

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