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Do it afraid



I‘ve been enjoying the last of the Summer holiday with my boys. We have gone on adventures, explored new places – beaches, playgrounds, swimming pools. I have watched the boys stretch themselves that little bit further each day – climbing the rock wall a little higher than last time, being braver and going out in the sea a little further than the time before.

Today as I watched them tackle a swinging bridge, I realised that they were “doing it afraid”. They were not letting their fears hold them back. Sometimes I could see traces of fear as they realised how high they were, or felt little hands grasp my hand a little tighter as we navigated a path or heard them say “I’m a little scared.” But yet they still pushed ahead – enjoying the journey, the play, the adventure, the playground. That was their focus – not their fears.

How often do we adults in all our maturity stop though at the first shadow of fear. How often do we make the fear our focus instead of what we are pursuing. How does fear stop us from obeying God’s prompting to talk to that person or pray for that workmate. Do we let fear rob us of what we so desire. How often do we let fear stop us in our tracks and give up on our dreams.

My oldest son didn’t give up on the rock wall he was climbing. I watched him take a breath, pause, reposition and then go again. When he reached the top he as so excited, so happy and so proud!

Today my boys taught me a lot. Sometimes you need to just do it afraid.

2 thoughts on “Do it afraid

  1. Oh to have an ounce of my fearlessness as a child. I remember hopping in the back of any horse i could get my hands on. Now i think more about what’s going to break on my landing! Thanks for the great reminder. What a great read!

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