Life Lessons

No Fly Zone


I‘ve heard it said, that a woman’s mind is like Heathrow airport. Lots of arrivals and departures. Planes at Heathrow. Thoughts for the woman’s mind. At Heathrow they have planes arriving and departing every minute. We have as many if not more thoughts!

This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I had a weird moment as I became aware of the number of thoughts I was processing quickly….

Mental note – Library books go back today. Oh must write in Son’s reading log. Hmm boys have soccer training after school, must remember to pick them up from it. Wonder whether we should sign up for more training next term. That led onto what to make for lunch, thoughts on catching up with friends, to mental shopping lists, plans for later.

There are thoughts that we have though, that should not be given a landing zone in our mind. Those thoughts of doubt or negativity. Thoughts that put us down and say “who do you think you are?”. Thoughts that say you can’t do it, or you’re not worth anything. These thoughts contradict what God says about us. They contradict the truth. These are the thoughts that need to be told that our mind is a no fly zone. These are the thoughts that are certainly should not be granted permission to land.

Our thoughts need to line up with the Word of God, and what God thinks and says about us. These are the thoughts that we can let linger, that can have stopovers!

Time to talk to Air Traffic Controller!

2 thoughts on “No Fly Zone

  1. Having recently completed visits to 4 airports in the space of just under 40 hours, the image of an busy airport with planes constantly landing, disgorging and taking off again is still very present in my mind (and body as I fight jet lag!).

    This is a great post and you are so right. We need to be more conscious of what thoughts we allow access to in our fly zone of the mind. One of the key battles in our spiritual life is the battle of the mind and the thoughts that dwell there.

    1. Ooh you would so know the feeling! Hope you aren’t still in jet lag mode! Always takes me a couple of weeks to get it sorted! Hope you had a good time away 🙂 and thanks for the encouragement – so true eh! Blessings

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