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The Equilibrium of Cuddles


My 2 year old has a morning ritual. When he wakes up in the morning he comes and finds me for a morning cuddle. Whether I’m in the kitchen making school lunches, putting on a load of washing or blissfully still in bed myself, I stop what I am doing, gather him in my arms and we have a cuddle for a few precious minutes.

I don’t rush it, neither does he. We don’t talk or play, I don’t teach or instruct him on some aspect of development. We just snuggle.

What I have noticed, is that regardless of the frame of mind he is in when he appears, he runs off quite happily afterwards.

For me, the quiet time with the God in the morning is the same. A time to be with each other, a time to be with my Father in Heaven. No requests, no questions, no teaching. Just spending time surrounded by His love and comfort. And no matter the frame of mind I am in when I first sit with God, I find afterwards, I am at peace and have my equilibrium for the day.

My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him (Psalm 62:1)

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8)

3 thoughts on “The Equilibrium of Cuddles

  1. That’s so lovely a picture. I actually felt quite wistful reading this post. I struggle to have those times with God. My mind is usually wracked with all I have to do, or what I should be praying for or how I’ve let Him down yet again.
    The idea of just being with God, no prayer list, no demands, no condemnation, just being with Him, is such a blissful idea but one that I have rarely felt.

    How have you found yourself getting to this time with God?

    1. It takes time (and a notebook beside me to quickly jot down things that I need to remember which I always remember when I sit down!!) I think for me worship music helps. It makes me focus on the music and then the words being said and then God. I think for me what has also worked is separating this time from the quiet time of reading the Bible and praying about things. It’s almost like bonus time then, so I don’t feel guilty if I missed yesterday’s reading as its not for that. It started for me when I was in the car driving, not able to read the Bible at those times, I let the music wash over me and then I just start by saying I love you Lord. Love you Jesus. I don’t place expectations on myself re how long, I just let this one evolve.

      Don’t let the enemy make you feel bad which means we pull back from God as a result. Take the must dos and pressure off, the expectations, the rules and see what happens. Always here to talk if you want to.


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