The Journey – {Lent}


I love road trips with my husband. A chance to get away from Town and its busyness. A chance to, with no other interruptions, talk, laugh, remember and dream together. It’s always a great time of connection for us. No distractions of work or chores, or phones or social engagements. Just the two of us.

I recently saw a clip of Bear Grylls sharing his faith with Stephen Fry, and he mentioned how being in the outdoors was for him like a spiritual defrag. Lent for me is a bit like a spiritual defrag. An opportunity within my busy life and without the benefit of a road trip or a climb up a mountain, to have a time where I refocus my heart and soul on Jesus and His tremendous, amazing sacrifice for me. I’ve never had the opportunity to do an actual pilgrimage, but in my heart I have made many. A pilgrimage is a journey of spiritual significance to a place of spiritual importance. The birth place of Jesus, the Garden of Gethsemane. For me the destination is Easter.

For the pilgrim the journey is as significant as the destination. So for me, with my metaphorical pilgrimage, over Lent this journey is important. The journey is about me taking time to appreciate and grasp anew, how amazing it is that Jesus died on the cross for me. It prepares me for Easter – for the celebration of Palm Sunday, the heartbreak of Good Friday and the Victory of Easter Sunday.

Lent renews my faith and always I find that I still discover in greater measure that love that Lord Jesus has for me.


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