Life Lessons

I ate rattlesnake for dinner…

I had rattlesnake for dinner the other night. Rattlesnake and cactus "fries" to be exact. I was as brave and daring as Bear Grylls. True, mine was served on a dinner plate in a restaurant and I hadn't had to kill the thing or eat it raw. It came fried and properly cooked. I was… Continue reading I ate rattlesnake for dinner…

Life Lessons


Fearless - showing a lack of fear Fearless - bold, courageous, daring, plucky. That was definitely me this weekend, Exploring the sights of Rotorua we did the big splash (as in sitting in a boat while it plunges into the water at great speed!). Not one for heights or hurtling at great speed towards earth it… Continue reading Fearless

Life Lessons


A mountain of washing to sort and fold was before me. Feeling somewhat overwhelmed, I decided to watch something on TV at the same time as a distraction. A Nature programme is not normally something I'd choose. If I am going to watch any nature related programme. it better have Bear Grylls in it. Nonetheless, it was only… Continue reading Tides

Life Lessons

“The Best Decision I ever made…”

According to a mum at the swimming pools today, the best decision she has ever made was signing her children up to swimming lessons. All of us other parents concurred. Living in Auckland surrounded by beaches, ensuring our children can swim is an important life skill. Although I think she was somewhat regretting the decision… Continue reading “The Best Decision I ever made…”

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Stuck on a treadmill?

I don't run with scissors. Actually, let's be honest, I don't run (unless it's an emergency - then you'd better run too!). But if I were to take up running (for any other reason than being late), I'd want to run in a park, on a track, down the street even and not on a treadmill! To me that just means… Continue reading Stuck on a treadmill?

Life Lessons

Pilgrim’s Progress – {Lent}

I have fond memories of my Dad reading Pilgrims Progress to me as a kid. Today, it is still one of my favourite reads. An allegory of Christian life, the main antagonist journeys to the Celestial city (heaven).  As he travels, Christian carries a heavy burden - the knowledge of His sin. It is not… Continue reading Pilgrim’s Progress – {Lent}


The Journey – {Lent}

I love road trips with my husband. A chance to get away from Town and its busyness. A chance to, with no other interruptions, talk, laugh, remember and dream together. It's always a great time of connection for us. No distractions of work or chores, or phones or social engagements. Just the two of us.… Continue reading The Journey – {Lent}