Life Lessons



A mountain of washing to sort and fold was before me. Feeling somewhat overwhelmed, I decided to watch something on TV at the same time as a distraction. A Nature programme is not normally something I’d choose. If I am going to watch any nature related programme. it better have Bear Grylls in it. Nonetheless, it was only thing that grabbed me and which I subsequently enjoyed. I think it might have had something to do with the calm, serene voice of the narrator, which I probably needed! It seems no matter what is going on in the show, the Narrator calmly explains what is happening, without sense of panic as to what is taking place. He was I thought, rather detached as he described the little hermit crab frantically scrambling for cover from the Octopus chasing it.

The Nature programme was all about how the plants, fish and other sea creatures cope with the changing tides. He described what goes on the floor of the ocean as the tide changes and my folding of the washing slowed. I began to see lessons that I can apply to my life. When the tide changes, the creatures on the sea floor are faced with a strong and overwhelming current. Rather like us being caught in a tropical storm. But the creatures have adapted to survive in the strong pull of the tide. From knowing it’s warning signs and burrowing down for safety, or like the seeds, allowing the current to take it further afield. The life on the seabed is very aware of the rhythm of the tide and adapts accordingly. Even the Orcas and Stingrays who use the tides as a tool to hunt for food must stay aware, for if they ignore the tide they will risk being stranded.

As much as the Orcas pay attention to the tide changing, we need to be aware of the season of life that we are in. When we realise the power of being comfortable in the season that we are in, we will be the most effective for God. Better to stay with the tide than end up beached on the shore. Christine Caine once wrote “every season that God takes us through has purpose.” And just as God has been meticulous in the design of the creatures on the sea bed and given them ways of coping with the strong tide turn, so too does He equips us for when the tide / season change in our lives.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

By the way, the crab did make it!

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