Life Lessons

The Dreary Day


Dreary that was the word for it as I headed to work today. Continuous rain, grey sky. It felt melancholy and yes dreary. I’d rather have stayed snuggled in bed listening to the soft rain. Then it would have been a cosy day – not dreary. But nonetheless here I was joining the commute to work. However, somehow between leaving home and arriving at work my attitude changed. It didn’t stop raining, but stopping off to grab a coffee (yes the coffee helped!) I noticed something. Or rather I heard something. The birds were still singing. And let’s face it they’re more out in the elements than we are. In this grey day there were still joy and blessings to be found. Yes joy in my delicious hot flat white – perfect for this weather. Blessings in hearing the birds singing. Blessings in the conversations with my workmates.

Our attitude or our outlook on life has an impact. A famous Zig Ziglar quote says this “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Attitude is the eye of our souls. It determines how we view life. How we react to circumstances, how we respond to life itself is up to us. We can put limits on our lives by our attitudes.

“But I also knew if I could somehow replace my doubt with hope, my fear with courage, and my self-pity with a sense of pride, then I just might be able to do this.” (Bear Grylls)

And tonight as the rain has lingered on I get to snuggle into bed and go to sleep listening to the soft rain falling. A cosy day indeed.

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