Life Lessons

Pilgrim’s Progress – {Lent}


I have fond memories of my Dad reading Pilgrims Progress to me as a kid. Today, it is still one of my favourite reads. An allegory of Christian life, the main antagonist journeys to the Celestial city (heaven).  As he travels, Christian carries a heavy burden – the knowledge of His sin. It is not till the Place of Deliverance that his burden is taken to him.

As we journey through life, it’s easy for the knowledge of our failings and sin to weigh us down. It’s easy for us to berate ourselves for falling into the same traps again and again. The trap of pride perhaps, or the opposite spectrum envy, or low self worth, perhaps fear and doubt. And if we’re not careful we get ambushed by condemnation.

Once again, I’m aware that we walk a narrow path, navigating pitfalls and cliffs as we go. Fortunately we have an amazing guide, and one who has walked these paths Himself. Jesus was tempted, stretched, and pushed, just like us.

Bear Grylls said this “if I am going to enter a difficult jungle or uncharted mountain range, I always make sure I have a good guide…For me, my simple faith has so often brought light to a dark path, joy to a cold mountain and strength to a failing body. And who better to have as a guide than the person who made the path or the mountain in the first place. Good person to have on side, I always figure.”

The relief of Easter is that these burdens can be left at the foot of the cross. The relief of Easter is that it is eternal. We don’t have to put the burden down and after a brief respite pick it up again. We get to put it down and walk with the freedom of being unencumbered forever.

This Easter take time to pause and check what load you’re carrying and had it over to Jesus.

I lift my eyes up to the mountain;
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from The Lord,
Maker of Heaven, creator of the Earth

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