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A Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive

I found myself on Sunday, partaking of a leisure time activity called a “Sunday Drive”.  Apparently this recreational activity is done by enough people to merit its own Wikipedia page. For me, it was an unintentional decision, that turned out to be a good one.

I had decided that a ride in the car was just what the boys needed. We’d been to Church in the morning, but late afternoon cabin fever seemed to be hitting the boys. Husband had a migraine, so I decided the boys and I would take a mini road trip. We headed out, no destination in mind, stopped off at a bakery to get a treat for the boys and a coffee for me. Then after meandering around some leafy suburbs, I decided to take them to my old primary school, where we hopped out and they had a play at the playground. In the car we sang, told Knock Knock jokes and made up stories.

We all came back refreshed, happy and invigorated.

Sometimes, our quiet times with God just need a Sunday drive – something to freshen things up a bit. If you’re finding it hard to hear from God or connect – try changing a few of things you do from changing the time of day, the location, the music, to getting a new journal or Bible. Something that invigorates your quiet times again.

As for Sunday drives – I plan to take them more often!

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