Hearing from God · Quiet Times


Theatres, recording studios, and even home media rooms have all had a lot of time and money perfecting the acoustics. From special wall treatments to ceiling panels, and probably a host of other "things" of which I have no idea! All techniques and tools to enhance the art of listening. The aim of bringing clarity, purity to the sound being made. I'm no… Continue reading Acoustics

Hearing from God · Life Lessons

The treasure of the Kinder Surprise

  My 3 year old loves kinder surprises. In fact all my boys do. There is much excitement whenever they receive one. And their excitement is not so much for the chocolate egg, although don’t get me wrong, that is very quickly demolished! Their excitement is for the yellow container within the egg and the… Continue reading The treasure of the Kinder Surprise

Hearing from God · Life Lessons

A Sunday Drive

I found myself on Sunday, partaking of a leisure time activity called a "Sunday Drive".  Apparently this recreational activity is done by enough people to merit its own Wikipedia page. For me, it was an unintentional decision, that turned out to be a good one. I had decided that a ride in the car was… Continue reading A Sunday Drive