Love is….a shepherd’s pie – {Lent}



It’s been a busy week. To be honest, a bit of a tough week. Today though I received a lovely text that a shepherd’s pie had been made for my family’s dinner tonight. Nothing quite like a hot shepherd’s pie with cheese topping to say I am loved.

Love is a shepherd’s pie

After my son’s swimming lesson in a very cold pool, I stood at the edge of the pool and wrapped the towel tightly around him to warm him up. He looked up at me and said “I love you mum”.

Love is a warm towel.

Love is also a heart warming text, a coffee shouted, a journal given, a listening ear, babysitting, encouragement, a hand made card “just because”. Love is demonstrated in so many different ways at some many different times.

Love is also someone taking your burdens, your sin upon themselves. Love is dying for you, so you can live.

Love is Good Friday

Love is Jesus



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