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Be authentic…be you



I love handbags! I love the variety of colours, texture and style! And I confess I have a few….but there’s always room for one more??! I love my mustard yellow one that’s big and roomy. I also love my pink and cream retro one. And as much as one should have a black dress in their wardrobe, one should also have the smart black handbag.

A couple of years ago, my boss and I headed to Kuala Lumpa for a weeks training. My boss knew the best markets to head to in our spare time…..for handbags. Having been there before she knew the right streets and what was a good price. So on our last day we hit the markets. Hit the markets hard….The imitation designer handbags were everywhere. You name it, they had it. Calvin Klein, YSL, Michael Kors, Givenchy….The range was incredible as were the prices. So successful our trip to the markets that it was a struggle to fit our purchases into our suitcases.

The excitement of the handbag purchases continued when I arrived home. Continued as I would select which handbag to use each day. The blue YSL one or the understated Givenchy one. That is until clasps started breaking, detailing of beading or buckles started falling off, seaming came undone, interior linings ripped.

For all the handbags looked like the real thing, they were not. They were cheap imitations. Quickly made and with inferior materials. Big lesson learnt – the imitation handbags don’t last.

The question is are we trying to be someone we’re not? A copy of someone else? Are we so intent on being an echo that we neglect what we were created to do, who we were created to be?

There’s just one of me! I’m a one of a kind, special edition, designer child of God! As are you! God has planted each one of us here with design and intention. He has a plan and purpose just for me. He has a plan and purpose just for you. You are the only you the world has. The only one we really need. I am the only me.

“There is nothing more joyous than breaking away from the chorus to learn the sound of your own voice.”

Resolve to love being you the way He loved creating you!

Happy to be you! The authentic you!






4 thoughts on “Be authentic…be you

  1. Hey Philippa, good example given of fake vs real. Get what you’re saying abut being who we are created to be, not trying to be someone else. Some days I’m good with who I am and rejoice in it. Other days I really struggle, I’d rather be someone else because I struggle with who I believe I am. It’s all down to perception and knowing the truth, God’s truth about who we really are.
    We will probably spend our lives reading and accepting that truth.
    Great post.

  2. Thank you! Was rather ihspired by my collection!!! It’s an ongoing struggle I think for most. Partly because we’re so aware of how we’re going / not going! Nicky Gumbel said once the grass may be greener but you still have to mow it! Yes well said about perception! Thanks for your encouragement as always! 🙂

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