Who can forget Susan Boyle stepping onto the stage of Britain’s got Talent” and wowing the judges, audience and the world when she began singing. A person previously hidden, overlooked and right up to the moment she began to sing, looked at with derision and mocked.

Recently I watched a few clips from the latest season. I was struck by the number of people who would state that if they went on stage, and if it went well, then they would have more confidence for life – then they could go back to friends and family holding their heads high. These amazing people, with tremendous voices and talents, were looking to the crowd (and to Simon Cowell) to validate, affirm them. On this very public forum – stage, they were looking for approval. Not realising that they already were talented, already had a gift.

We sometimes do the same – we look to the world for validation and acceptance. Yet in Christ we have our worth, acceptance and reason for life. It is time for us to see ourselves as God sees us. It is time to stop allowing others to dictate our value and worth. We need to lay everything aside that could possibly steal our self-esteem from us and remember that God has created us with inestimable value.

It doesn’t matter what circumstances you’re up against. It doesn’t matter who you’re up against. It doesn’t matter who is the audience. Nothing and no one should cause you to drop your eyes to the floor in defeat for He is the One who lifts your head (Psalm 3:3) You are royalty because of your birth right in Christ. So remember who you are!

Rick Warren said this CONFIDENCE comes from believing what God says about me, not what others say, or even what I tell myself. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth!

A kingdom person sets their eyes on Jesus. He strengthens us to be all we are created to be.