Life Lessons

Look at me!

Being the summer holidays we've been having a lot fun and amongst other summer activities we have explored a lot of different playgrounds. No matter the playground though, it is only a matter of time before my 3 year old is calling out to me to "Mummy, look at me! Look at me!" His enjoyment at the playground definitely… Continue reading Look at me!


And the soul felt its worth…

  "Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth." I love this line from the carol O Holy Night.  Our Soul wants to feel of worth, of value. And we all search for that worth. We can rush around life looking for it in status, possessions and prestige, in appearances and position. But inevitably they… Continue reading And the soul felt its worth…

Life Lessons · Ponderances


Who can forget Susan Boyle stepping onto the stage of Britain's got Talent" and wowing the judges, audience and the world when she began singing. A person previously hidden, overlooked and right up to the moment she began to sing, looked at with derision and mocked. Recently I watched a few clips from the latest… Continue reading If…then